I have chosen to bring my third essay to class on 12/4. This is my photo analysis essay. I wanted to revise this essay because it was the worst essay out of the four that I written. I know what I have to do; I must further analyze the photo to add more length to the overall essay. 


I have chosen to bring my fourth and final essay to revise in class on 11/25. I have chosen this essay because I made a simple in text citation which I should have noticed. It is not that the citation was wrong, but I did not add the citation in my works cited page. There were several of these mistakes in this essay. I don’t have any questions for my peers to help me, for I already know what needs to be done. 

Response to Dove and jazzylittledrops

I thought Dove’s video about beauty was interesting. The idea itself of people being more beautiful than they believe themselves to be was pleasing, yet as jazzylittledrops inquired, the video is lacking diversity. The majority of women interviewed were white, thin, middle-aged or younger, and beautiful or average looking based on our society’s standards. There was a lack of men as well. However, jazzylittledrops explains that Dove is owned by the Axe company, and therefor cannot be trusted. I do not agree with her here.