How I Improved as a Writer this Year

The most valuable skill I have learned is probably the ability to cite my work, both in an essay and after. I have also improved on using more professional language by using better vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. 

To improve my writing, I used Dr. Kuechenmeister’s feedback, as well as pointers from my brother. I believe I put forth the most effort I could for this class, for unfortunately my schedule definitely prevented me from putting all I had into this course. My schedule is something I cannot always change for. This class is still very important though. 

Overall, I would give myself a B, for my writing was above average, but not spectacular in a way that would earn me an A. I improved on being able to write with better quality and quantity. As I said before, the professional touch of my writing greatly improved, but my ability to write more in order to fill in the required length of an essay assignment has improved as well. 


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