Response to Journal Entry Question p.506

Judy Brady’s description of a wife is one who sacrifices their time and well being for their spouse and their children. There wife puts the needs and desires far before his or her own (since the gender of the wife is never described; giving the sense that the wife could be a male). I can’t say that every characteristic of a wife according to Brady is still there, nor can I say that some of the characteristics completely disappeared. Some wives stay at home, while others have their own job despite the significant other having one already. I know that wives still take care of their children, while others have the husband do it.  However, the one characteristic Brady wants her wife to do which I am not to sure about is wanting a wife who will type [Brady’s] papers for [her] when [she] has written them.” I have never heard of a wife that does this, but if there are, I would definitely want a wife who would do that for me.


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