Topic for Essay #2

For my second essay, I must compare and contrast posters from an original film to the remake. The movie I chose, for now, is War of the Worlds. This was originally a science-fiction novel written by H.G. Wells. There are many differences between each poster, but they also some similarities. For example, in the original poster, an giant alien-like hand is reaching down,about to grab two people who are surrounded by fire. In the remake, the alien hand is holding the planet Earth; the planet appearing to be on fire. They are both drawings, but the remake’s poster is much more detailed probably with the aid of computer detailed enhancements. I can continue, but I shall save the rest for my essay. Here are the posters, the remake is on the right.


One thought on “Topic for Essay #2

  1. Johnathan, you have a good start to this blog, and you’ve been keeping up with your required writing response posts. However, you haven’t posted any of your own choice of blog posts. You should be posting these once per week, and they should all be related in some way (you mentioned on your first welcome post that they would be random, but you should choose a specific focused theme). You should also add more to the site to help reflect your theme better, such as filling out the About page, and adding other tools or features to the site (like a list of links to other relevant websites). Let me know if you have questions. –Elizabeth

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