This class definitely helped me with my writing capabilities. I learned how to correctly cite my work, I have been able to enhance the professional use of vocabulary, and I learned how to put more into my work to make my essays lengthier. I will most definitely take these skills into future classes and other aspects of my life. I have not exactly changed much as a writer as far as I can tell (except for the skills I enhanced). But I do feel more confident when it comes to writing long essay.

Thanks for everything Dr. Kuechenmeister!


I have chosen to bring my third essay to class on 12/4. This is my photo analysis essay. I wanted to revise this essay because it was the worst essay out of the four that I written. I know what I have to do; I must further analyze the photo to add more length to the overall essay. 

What I’m Doing in Communications Class

What I'm doing in Communications Class

We have been assigned to create a eulogy speech for a fictional character. I have chosen Doomsday, a super villain who once killed Superman from DC Comics (don’t worry, Supes was brought back to life). This will be hard because Doomsday technically cannot stay dead (if he dies, he regenerates and becomes immune to whatever killed him; he cannot die the same way twice). Nevertheless, it will be fun.

I have chosen to bring my fourth and final essay to revise in class on 11/25. I have chosen this essay because I made a simple in text citation which I should have noticed. It is not that the citation was wrong, but I did not add the citation in my works cited page. There were several of these mistakes in this essay. I don’t have any questions for my peers to help me, for I already know what needs to be done. 

How I Improved as a Writer this Year

The most valuable skill I have learned is probably the ability to cite my work, both in an essay and after. I have also improved on using more professional language by using better vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. 

To improve my writing, I used Dr. Kuechenmeister’s feedback, as well as pointers from my brother. I believe I put forth the most effort I could for this class, for unfortunately my schedule definitely prevented me from putting all I had into this course. My schedule is something I cannot always change for. This class is still very important though. 

Overall, I would give myself a B, for my writing was above average, but not spectacular in a way that would earn me an A. I improved on being able to write with better quality and quantity. As I said before, the professional touch of my writing greatly improved, but my ability to write more in order to fill in the required length of an essay assignment has improved as well. 

Response to Journal Entry Question p.700

I have actually read Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal in high school, so when I began reading it again, I was excited. I enjoyed it the first time and more the second time. His proposal about eating children is most humorous for I know Swift is a sarcastic man and focuses most if not all of his works on satire. Gulliver’s Travels is an excellent example of Swift’s satire at work, since much of it was based off of the English and French conflicts. Overall, I found this essay amusing because of how bizarre it is and the fact that some people take it seriously and get offended by it.